NGA's Testimonials & Endoresements

NGA is the best way to become a personal trainer... supported by our highly experienced, knowledgeable, and well-known faculty and staff.


Lex Kovacs - NGA Certified Personal Trainer

“As a full-time working professional in the fitness and health industry, being in NGA Certified Personal Trainer has given me a nationally recognized level of credibility. Because the certification program is so diverse, I can speak to people from a point of reference about anything from nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, to advice on exercises to help them reach their goals confidently and effectively. The greatest reward I can hope to receive is knowing that I can help other people, and being an NGA Certified Personal Trainer has given me the ability to do just that all over the world!” - Lex Kovacs


Christine Keefer Fulwood - NGA Certified Personal Trainer

“I am an NGA Certified Personal Trainer, NGA Pro Figure Champion, and an NGA Head Judge. I chose the NGA certification because it provides in-depth knowledge and concise concepts that as a trainer are efficient and effective. It covers everything you need to be a professional and reliable trainer in the growing field of personal training. From understanding physiology to explaining what is required to be successful as a trainer, nothing is left untouched. The NGA Personal Training Certification has given me the tools and support needed to be a successful certified professional trainer.” - Christine Keefer Fulwood


Michael Russell - NGA Certified Personal Trainer

“I am an NGA Master Pro Bodybuilder and an NGA Certified Personal Trainer. If you want to get in the best shape of your life than a trainer that is certified by the National Gym Association, Inc. is the way to go with the combination of years of knowledge, and hands on experience your goals will be achieved.” - Michael Russell


"The oldest natural and most reputable bodybuilding organization established in 1979."
- Andrew Bostinto,
President & Founder,
The National Gym Association, Inc.

NGA’s Testimonials Include Many International Celebrities And Fitness Gurus.

I have known Andy Bostinto for many years. There should be more people in the Physical Fitness profession that are as dedicated. I'm proud to recommend Mr. Bostinto's knowledge and teachings.
- Jack LaLanne

Thanks so much for your great letter. It brought back memories of training at your gym. I am honored and delighted to receive this honorary certificate and am already looking for the perfect frame to display it.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

During the preparation for the film "Carlito's Way" I received the attention of Andy Bostinto as a personal trainer and diet consultant. He always handled himself with professionalism and displayed a knowledge and love for his subject.
- Al Pacino

Our sessions which lasted for 12 weeks, began to show quite a change in my upper body in a period of only 3-4 weeks. Spending 1-2 hours in the very best possible company with a man, if anyone knows what they're doing with bodybuilding, it's Andy. Whatever I got today, I owe it to Andy.
- Patrick Stewart

Businessmen and Mr. Americas alike have benefited from his knowledge and experience.
- Regis Philbin

Andy Bostinto is a professional, with a depth of knowledge that is unsurpassed by anyone I have worked with on any other motion picture.
- Eric Steven Stahl, Producer/Director

Anyone interested in improving their abilities or career potential in physical fitness could benefit from this certification.
- Bill Pearl, OR

Certainly, there is no book in the industry for personal trainers so extensive, so complete, or so well thought out.
- Larry Scott, UT

I highly recommend the NGA certification course for those who want to maximize their training, health, and lifestyle. It is a must for all serious trainers.
- Lou Ferrigno, CA

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